Welcome to table tennis club Maastricht
We are open from may 19th 2021!

To reach TTV Maastricht from the highway
this route is advised! due to work!

For young and old - recreational and competitive - sporting and social

TTC Maastricht, anyone can come and play!

At TTC Maastricht there is attention for the individual, Everyone can come and play a ball at her / his own level, recreational or competitive

Opening hours and Training hours


Tuesday evening: advanced group    19:00-20:30 hour
Thursday evening: beginner group    18:15-19:15 hour
Thursday evening advanced group   18:15-19:45 hour
 Trainer: Kang’ethe Njoroge   


Thursday evening   play-in  from  19:00 hour
training from                                   19:15-20:15 hour

Seniors/ juniors free play

Tuesday evening                           20:30-23:00 hour
Thursday evening                         20:15-23:00 hour
Home league matches on Thursday night
and on Saturdays 
see TTapp!

To get acquainted it is possible to use our accommodation several times free of charge as a non-member to taste the atmosphere.
If you decide to become a member after two weeks, you will be expected to complete a registration form in the third week
The association year runs from 1 July to 30 June.
You can only terminate your membership in writing (including through e-mail) at least one month before the end of the association year.


Juniors (age up to 18 years)
€ 110 per year

Seniors (18 to 65)
€ 125 per year

Seniors (65+)
€105,- per jaar

Location adress:
Prestantstraat 112
6217XW Maastricht
Email: secretaristtvmaastricht@outlook.com
tel: +31(0)6-29219335

Post adress:
Balsemienbeemd 41
629WP Maastricht
Email: secretaristtvmaastricht@outlook.com
tel: +31(0)6-29219335