Welcome to table tennis club Maastricht

To reach TTV Maastricht from the highway
this route is advised! due to work!

For young and old - recreational and competitive - sporting and social

TTC Maastricht, anyone can come and play!

At TTC Maastricht there is attention for the individual, Everyone can come and play a ball at her / his own level, recreational or competitive

Opening hours and Training hours


Tuesday evening: advanced group       19:00-20:30 uur
Wednesday evening: beginner group  18:30-20:00 uur
Wednesday evening advanced group   18:30-20:00 uur
 Trainer: Kang’ethe Njoroge   

Seniors/ juniors free play

Tuesday evening                          20:30-23:00 uur
Thursday evening                        19:00-23:00 uur
Home league matches on Thursday night
and on Saturdays 
see TTapp!

To get acquainted it is possible to use our accommodation several times free of charge as a non-member to taste the atmosphere.
If you decide to become a member after two weeks, you will be expected to complete a registration form in the third week
The association year runs from 1 July to 30 June.
You can only terminate your membership in writing (including through e-mail) at least one month before the end of the association year.


Juniors (age up to 18 years)
€ 110 per year

Seniors (18 to 65)
€ 125 per year

Seniors (65+)
€105,- per jaar

Location adress:
Prestantstraat 112
6217XW Maastricht
Email: secretaristtvmaastricht@outlook.com
tel: +31(0)6-29219335

Post adress:
Balsemienbeemd 41
629WP Maastricht
Email: secretaristtvmaastricht@outlook.com
tel: +31(0)6-29219335